Get access to pre-trained machine learning trading bots.


A myrmidon is a membership access. It is a pixel art, and a Non Fungible Token (NFT), registered on the Solana blockchain. Each myrmidon is unique, and no more than 100 memberships will be issued. The auction starting price of a myrmidon is 25 SOL. Auctions are running on Metaplex.

Trading Agent

Each myrmidon gives access to a trading agent (bot) designed by our ML engineers and Quant Traders. The agent is deployed through the platform. Its performances are tracked and saved on the Solana network. Each agent has a unique investor profile. The first trading agent will be operational on Q4 2022. Pre-sales are starting very soon. More details can be found on the whitepaper.

Early access

Myrill's vision is to create a platform where everyone can design state-of-the-art trading agents. On top of the unique bot that comes with a membership, you will get early access (at least a year before public opening) to the Myrill research platform in order to design your own portfolio of trading agents. Early-access will be operational Q2 2022.

Slack and Support

Designing bots is not an easy task, especially when it involves machine learning and advanced mathematical concepts. Memberships come with private access to our slack where our engineers will help you create new bots using the Myrill research platform. They will help you integrate custom source of data, connect your favorite broker, and more.

And more ...

All myrmidons unlock the perks of a token, namely: access to private live events, merchandises and exclusive learning content.

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